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3 Signage Solutions To Tell Your Brand Story (Video)

By , June 28, 2017

Signage has the power to completely transform the appearance of your office, warehouse, or storefront. It can turn a plain wall into an opportunity to tell customers about your latest products and services. It can also turn your company vehicle into a traveling ad for your business! (Just make sure that you are nice to people on the road…)

I’m the type of person who reads whatever is in front of me — whether it's a menu, a cereal box, or a booklet — so signage tends to have an impact. At Bob Evans, one of my family’s favorite restaurants, I always notice the wall decals that tell the story of the restaurant’s history — along with a picture of good old Bob Evans himself.

Storytelling is such a powerful way to communicate. The story of Bob Evan’s beginnings will stay in my mind much longer than their newest menu items or latest deals. Keep this in mind when designing your signage — particularly for inside of your storefront. Prominently displaying your company story is a huge way to build brand memory and recognition, and the impact is often much longer lasting than you realize.

Here are three examples of semi-permanent signage that you could be using to tell your brand story:

1. Brick Wraps

Brick wraps are a great way to turn an outdoor wall into advertising space, a work of art, or signage! We recently finished installing some starry-night themed brick wraps at our King of Prussia location.

MATERIAL: 3m Graphic Film, Controltac Adhesive with Gloss Overlaminate

2. Car Decals

Conlin's prints and installs car and van decals! Here's a behind-the-scenes look at one our our installations...we love watching the paper get peeled off!

MATERIAL: 3m Graphic Film, Controltac Adhesive with Gloss Overlaminate

3. Dreamscape Wall Wrap

Wall wraps are a simple way to transform your wall into a marketing space! Design them to reinforce your branding, advertise important information, or even to tell your story.

MATERIAL: Dreamscape Wall Wrap Caviar

For even more examples of indoor and outdoor signage, check out our Project Gallery.

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Lauren is the Marketing Coordinator at Conlin's Digital Print & Copy Center. She is the editor of Conlin’s Press, and she manages all marketing and advertising efforts, including radio advertisments, direct mail, email blasts, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In her free time she enjoys blogging, interior design, and photography.



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