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4 Reasons Why Direct Mail Belongs in Your Marketing Mix

By , September 29, 2016


With the growth of email and other digital marketing tactics, direct mail might seem like a dinosaur. But when used properly, it's a highly effective way for potential customers to engage with your brand. These four facts about direct mail prove that it's still an important part of your company's marketing strategy.

1. It has a higher response rate than email.

The response rate of a direct mail piece is typically around 1.2%, as opposed to 0.03% for email.

2. You have the opportunity to capture the recipient’s undivided attention.

Internet users are constantly distracted or multi-tasking, so your online marketing efforts may just get a quick glance. A print piece, however, has a better chance to catch and hold their undivided attention.

3. It's a great way to supplement your digital marketing efforts.

Direct mail pieces are most effective when they operate in conjunction with your email blasts and other online marketing tactics. Use yours to direct the recipient to a specific landing page on your website, send a follow up email in case your customer forgets to respond to your mailer, or make direct mail a part of your Cross-Media strategy.

4. It offers a tactile interaction with your brand.

Print is not dead! Despite the convenience and speed of the internet, people will always appreciate the look and feel of a printed piece. Go a step further by creating a piece that requires a bit more "interaction" from your customer. An intriguing mail piece that requires assembly will hold their attention and stay in their memory longer. Even if they don't respond, they might keep the item for a longer period of time. With this in mind, be sure to incorporate your logo and contact info into the design - this will allow you to build brand recognition for the future.

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Lauren is the Marketing Coordinator at Conlin's Digital Print & Copy Center. She is the editor of Conlin’s Press, and she manages all marketing and advertising efforts, including radio advertisments, direct mail, email blasts, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In her free time she enjoys blogging, interior design, and photography.



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