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Avi Loren Fox Wears Her Mantle Proudly

By , December 28, 2016

Name: Avi Loren Fox
Occupation: Owner & Founder
Company: Wild Mantle

Wild Mantle is an online company that sells artesian knit Alpaca wool head coverings. It all started when founder Avi Loren Fox made her first mantle from an old sweater. It captured a lot of attention, and requests started pouring in from people who wanted one of their own.

It wasn’t long before she could no longer keep up with the demand, so she raised $40,000 on Kickstarter and began producing her mantles through a Colorado knitting mill. It’s hard to believe that such a simple item could change someone’s demeanor and attitude, and yet wearers have declared, “I feel like a warrior.”

LAUREN: Why do you think the mantle concept has gained so much traction?

AVI: It’s a garment that turns anything you’re wearing into a hoodie. The mantle can be worn over a jacket when it’s really cold, but customers also tell me that it replaces their need for a jacket in those transitional times of year. It’s [something] people are missing in their closets but didn’t know they were missing!

I think it has gained traction because of the word “mantle”. “Mantle” is an ancient word that not only means a loose fitting hood or cloak, but also one’s role or responsibility in the world. As a Millennial, I’m very aware of my generation’s desire to find meaningful work that does good in the world. The mantle is a symbol of that, and people relate to it.

L: What is the largest obstacle that you had to overcome to get to where you are?

A: For the first year and a half after I made my original mantle, I spent so much time shifting back and forth over whether or not I was going to make it my career. Eventually, I realized that my biggest obstacle was my indecision. I decided to go for it, [and] I put [all my] energy into building the business. Since I got out of my own way, things have gone really well.

L: What is the most common response that you receive from wearers of the mantle?

A: They say it’s like a hug, and they also talk about how it makes them feel very safe and also very courageous. There’s something in the act of wearing a hood that makes you feel like you’re about to go on an adventure, and that comes with a dose of this feeling of courage or bravery.

L: What is your favorite aspect of running the business today?

A: I love designing the product. I [also] love when I sell one to the customer and I get to hear their response. I get those emails that say, “Oh my gosh, I love this! I haven’t taken this off since it’s arrived.” I like getting to see [my products] enjoyed and really loved by somebody.


Lauren is the Marketing Coordinator at Conlin's Digital Print & Copy Center. She is the editor of Conlin’s Press, and she manages all marketing and advertising efforts, including radio advertisments, direct mail, email blasts, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In her free time she enjoys blogging, interior design, and photography.



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