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Five Tips for Designing Trade Show Signage

By , June 7, 2017


Trade shows are a great way to network and gain exposure for your company. The design of your signage plays a key role in attracting people to your booth and building brand recognition for the future.

Here are five tips for designing effective trade show signage:

1. Make sure your displays match your corporate stationery, website, and marketing collateral.

Trade shows are an opportunity to gain brand recognition on the show floor. Be sure that the colors and design are consistent with your branding. Switching to a different design or colors for your booth is not going to build this recognition. Don’t waste any opportunity to get people familiar with your brand!

2. Less is more!

Your banners should be clearly visible from a distance, so a clean design is usually your best bet. Keep in mind that you can reuse this signage in the future if you design it properly! Design key pieces, such as pop up banners, with a generic branding message that can be reused for your next event. For signage that will get tossed after one event (such as the contest pieces shown above), opt for a mesh banner, a cutout, or a gator board sign.

3. When printing large format, high quality graphics are key.

The last thing you want is for your images to become pixelated when printed on the large surface! Make sure that all photography used is the proper resolution, and use vector graphics (eps, pdf) rather than raster images (jpg, gif, png) in your design. For more on preparing images for print, check out this tutorial.

4. Optimize your messaging with strategic placement.

Whatever you place at eye level is going to stand out the most, so keep this in mind when designing! Place your most important messaging and your logo closer to eye level to ensure that they are the first things people read when they approach your booth.

5. Choose products that are easy to transport.

These fold-up banners are popular at trade shows for a reason! They easily collapse into themselves, which makes them super portable. Vinyl banners with grommets are easy to fold up and take with you as well.

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Jaime is a Brand & Identity Designer and Creative Director. She has over fifteen years of professional hands-on experience as a graphic designer, creating, establishing, and maintaining social, corporate, non-profit, and lifestyle brands through print, digital, and user experience. She's also a wife, mom, foodie, and music lover!



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