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Marketing Toolkit: 5 Tools that Every Business Should Have

By , August 8, 2019 | Marketing

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If you’re a business owner (especially if you’re a startup), it’s super important to have the right materials for self-promotion. Here’s our short and sweet list of the must-have marketing tools that every good business needs.

1. Logo & identity

It seems obvious that you should have a logo, but your brand identity encompasses so much more. Creating a “Branding and Style Guide” for your company is an important step. This guidebook will establish the look of your brand and set up guidelines for all marketing materials that your company produces, ensuring a consistent brand image throughout. Having inconsistent designs for your marketing collateral will weaken your brand recognition by customers.

2. Business cards

A good business card has your company logo, your name, your title, contact information, and the company website. Take it a step further and create a unique design for your card that stands out from the rest. For inspiration, check out our “Business Cards” board on Pinterest.

3. Leave-behind piece

This piece could be a brochure, a postcard, a booklet, a magnet, a calendar – the more creative the better. Choose items that are useful to your customers and that they would be likely to keep. Then incorporate your logo and contact information into the design so that they always have it on hand.

4. Website

Your website is one of the largest components of your business’s online presence. A lot goes into making a good website, but a few important components are:

  • Logo and branding incorporated into the design
  • Content is organized and easy to navigate
  • Contact info is prominently featured and easy to find
  • Content is written clearly and concisely — customers should be able to scan quickly and still comprehend what you are saying

5. Social media & email graphics

Any graphics that your company puts online should have a consistent look that fits in with your branding guidelines. Additionally, your email communications should use a template that coordinates with your website design.

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