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Custom Lawn Signs

By , May 23, 2024 | Marketing, Printspiration, Products & Services

From business visibility to celebrating grads and more, lawn signs are a quintessential form of outdoor signage. Create your own design or we can help. Choose from 1-sided, 2-sided, multiple sizes and finishes, including metal stakes or specific hardware… We do it all!

Lawn Signs

Corrugated Lawn Signs

Corrugated signs are made from a lightweight plastic material. They are extremely cost-effective, yet durable and long-lasting. We use Coroplast brand substrates for our corrugated signs. Metal stakes slide right into the corrugated tunnels.

Straight Edge vs. Contour Cut

Straight edge signs are clean and classic. They are a simple square or rectangle shape and are the most common cut. Contour-cut signage is cut along the edge, or contour, of a design or along another predetermined, custom line. Typically, these signs have little to no border, and the final product is a shape.

You can cut out the shape of your logo, company name, or a custom shape or design. The possible configurations for contour-cut signs are virtually limitless. Unique shaped signs stand out and make a bold statement.

Poly Bag Lawn Signs

Poly (short for polyethylene) bag lawn signs are printed on a sleeve-like bag that goes over a wire frame. They are lightweight and very affordable in high quantities. Bag signs are great for campaign signs, contractor ad signs, event signs and more.

Click here for The Ultimate Guide to Designing Lawn signs!

Written by 
Heather Feraco
Digital Marketing Coordinator 

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