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4 Keys to Creating an Effective Leave-Behind Piece

By , October 10, 2016 | Marketing

A "leave-behind" piece is a printed material that, as the name implies, you "leave behind" with a potential customer. The main purpose of this piece is to raise brand-awareness so that your company is the one that comes to mind when that person needs your product or service. Here are four keys for creating an effective leave-behind for your business.

1. Make It Useful

Brochures and business cards are effective tools, but they also frequently get tossed (especially if your recipient isn’t currently in need of the services you offer). A strong leave-behind piece has some sort of utility. Magnets, pencil cups, and calendars are all items that your customer can put to use.

2. Include Your Logo and Contact Info

Now that we’ve established that your piece is something your customer will keep, don’t forget to put your logo and contact info on there! It doesn’t have to be huge, but it needs to be clear and easy-to-locate. The next time that person requires services that you offer, they’ve got contact info for someone who offers those services readily available.

3. Showcase What You Do Well

Since we’re a printer, anything we send out is a product sample, so we’ve got a lot of leeway with the actual content of the piece. However, your leave-behind’s content should focus on showcasing something that you do well. If you’re a photographer, create a piece that shows off your stunning photos. If you’re a graphics designer, perhaps you could design a mini magazine or portfolio that talks about who you are and shows off your design skills. If you’re a retailer, a look book is an obvious but solid choice.

If your leave-behind piece is beautiful and demonstrates your passion, it will have a special “it” factor that makes it more interesting than a dry and boring sales piece. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

4. Use High-Quality Materials

The quality of your materials and print job has a huge impact on the “wow factor” of your piece. Sloppy work is never impressive! The power of print comes chiefly from the tactile user experience that digital materials can’t offer. Capitalize on this by being choosy about paper stock, binding type, or any other finishing services you may need.

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