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Informed Delivery Reaches Another Milestone

By , May 1, 2020

Conlin’s Print wanted to share a great mail milestone! We utilize the USPS for our direct mail and delivery/shipments. The free online Informed Delivery feature is the perfect pair to our services. It allows you to see in real-time where your mail and packages are.

Reaching Another Milestone

Informed Delivery has reached 25 million subscribers. This is another milestone for the free online feature that is helping the Postal Service to bridge digital and physical communications.

It allows consumers to digitally preview their incoming mail. Also, manage their packages from computers, smartphones and other devices.

Since its national launch in 2017, the feature has continually evolved to meet subscribers’ changing needs.

This spring, consumers are using this feature to complete their 2020 census questionnaires online. USPS recently began testing email notifications to some subscribers within 20-30 minutes of the time their mail is actually delivered.

“Informed Delivery makes mail more convenient by allowing users to view what’s coming to their mailbox. Whenever and wherever,” said Gary Reblin, the Postal Service’s product innovation vice president. “Through Informed Delivery, we’re demonstrating that mail continues to hold real value in the digital age.”

In addition to benefiting consumers, it is proving useful to businesses and other organizations, allowing them to add interactive content to the  notifications that consumers receive. When a customer clicks on this content, he or she is taken to the company’s website to receive offers, coupons or more information about the firm’s products and services.

To keep growing the Informed Delivery user base, the Postal Service offers initiatives such as Inform 5. This is a program that encourages employees to tell at least five consumers each day about the feature.

The Informed Delivery LiteBlue page has more information.

“Increasing the number of users will prompt more businesses to add interactive content to Informed Delivery notifications, which will extend the life of the businesses’ mailpieces, continue to keep mail relevant and boost postal revenue,” Reblin said.

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