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Maestro Filmworks Excels at Storytelling

By , July 23, 2019

Name: Kris Mendoza
Occupation: Founder & Executive Producer
Company: Maestro Filmworks

Maestro Filmworks is a Philadelphia-based, award-winning production company with a gift for storytelling. Their production team is more than just a technically talented group of people. This team really gets to know each client and their industry on a deeper level to tell their story in the most authentic and engaging way. Founder and Executive Producer Kris Mendoza spoke with us about his company, his team, and how he got his start in filmmaking.

LAUREN: What sets you apart from other video production companies?
KRIS: We lead with the story first. While we are [knowledgeable on] the technological aspects of filmmaking and creating videos, stories are what people ultimately connect to. We have clients in every industry, from professional services, to financial accounting, to manufacturing and we bring] a deep understanding of each industry to every project. We really get to know our customers and clients and what it is they offer so that we can better craft their story to tell their narrative.

L: Can you tell me a bit about your team and the various roles that they play?
K: Here at Maestro we have everyone from creatives to project management. We are divided into different departments that serve different phases of production. On the creative and project management side, we have producers, writers, and people who craft the story and work with the clients. Then there’s a production phase where we have a director of photography, grips, gaffers, and anyone who is doing the actual filming. Once the filming is over, we have our production team, which consists of]editors and animators who bring everything together, and that’s when the creative vision really starts to come to life.

L: Where does the name of your company come from?
K: I was working on a documentary 14 years ago. The name of the documentary was called, The Maestro. It was about my grandfather, who was the National Artist for Music in the Philippines. He composed the lyrics to the national anthem. I felt like no one was telling that story. I found out about it through a textbook, and I didn’t even know that it was my own grandfather that the book was talking about. I set out to create a full-length feature documentary. The name just stuck as the company name.

L: How did Maestro get it’s start?
K: I went to film school at NYU and had Hollywood filmmaking dreams — which are still not dead. I still hope to make it out the West Coast. I’ve always been entrepreneurial and always had a side hustle. I set out to create brand new content for other people and [it turned into a business.] It has grown steadily since then.

L: What is your favorite aspect of film production?
K: Creativity and collaboration. On the creativity side, we get to produce videos that we are proud of. It’s really satisfying. There are certain projects that I love to watch over and over because I know what went into it, technically and creatively. On the collaboration aspect, filmmaking is such a collaborative medium. There’s no one person who can do everything themselves. You need to align yourself with the right people. When you start to work with other creatives that you really respect, everyone brings something to the table and that’s when great things happen.

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