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The Team at confetti & co. Knows a Thing or Two About Weddings

By , February 8, 2017

Name: Sara Murray (Center)
Occupation: Owner, Event Planner, & Designer
Company: confetti & co

Sara’s passion for weddings is the driving force behind confetti & co, a Philadelphia-based wedding planning company. Her team has planned weddings in New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia in locations ranging from the middle of a field to upscale NYC venues. Their years of experience and genuine passion for what they do ensures that each event is impeccably planned and crafted down to the smallest detail.

LAUREN: How did confetti & co get its start?

SARA: I had started in college with an event planning and design background. I was working for a lot of people in Philadelphia. I got a job with Anthropology, and I started working on the corporate side of weddings. But I missed event planning, working with people, and being at weddings.

I saved up enough to live in Philadelphia for three months and decided to try it. Luckily it took off the ground running, and we’ve been going ever since!

L: What makes a confetti & co wedding stand out from the rest?

S: We pride ourselves in our attention to detail. We are very thorough and very organized and we are passionate in that regard. The planning side is well executed and well timed. That comes from our years of experience with our clients.

From a design perspective, we focus on the couple and ensure that their interests and their personality are reflected in the design. That makes each wedding very unique.

L: Who are the other members of your team, and what makes you work so well together?

S: Charlee’s been with us from the beginning, and Alyssa has been with us for about three years now. We are excited to be working together and collaborating. We love making the [wedding] day special for everyone. It’s like a buzz - we get an energy from it. We enjoy working together and working with our clients.

L: What is your favorite thing about your job?

S: I really love that every day is different. Not every day is spent behind a desk. We get to work with so many different locations and different people. It’s an environment where we are able to come up with new ideas and be challenged in new ways.

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