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The Magical World of Precision Digital Cutting (Video + Free Template Download)

Built for high volume production as well as one-off pieces, our Zund Precision Contour Digital cutter can handle anything. Now I know what you’re thinking – what the heck is a Zund what-cha-ma-call-it? Our Zund is actually one of the coolest pieces of equipment that we’ve got around these parts, and it’s pretty fun to watch in action — see video below. Basically, we create a project file that has trace lines which show this machine where to cut. Lasers map out these lines and then the cutter goes to work making the actual cuts. To give you an idea of how capable this cutter is, it can cut anything from regular paper, to cardboard cutouts, to metal parking signs. It’s pretty powerful. Check out these projects that were made with our Zund cutter! psst…download our box templates with built-in trace lines Get it for free when you sign up!

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Product Spotlight: You’re Probably Not Strong Enough to Tear This Paper

When I first started working at Conlin’s, one of my co-workers walked up to me with a blank piece of paper. “Try to rip this!” they said. I gave it my best shot, but as it turned out, this “paper” wasn’t going down so easily. As it turns out, they handed me a sheet of Never Tear paper. Technically, it’s probably not really a paper because it doesn’t come from a tree. It’s actually a synthetic polyester film that is tear, water, and chemical resistant. And just in case you’re fearful about what this indestructibility means for the environment, no worries — it’s recyclable! Never Tear is a great option for any project that needs a bit more durability. The first thing that comes to mind is any sign that you want to put on a telephone pole — Never Tear would make your yard sale signs or missing cat […]

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7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Web-to-Print Solution

Web-to-Print is the ultimate e-commerce solution for business. This technology provides your associates and customers with an online storefront that allows you to browse through your company’s branded printed materials and click-to-order. Web-to-Print gives you a shopping experience that’s as easy as ordering from an online printer, but with all the benefits that come from a relationship with one local print shop. This service is especially powerful for larger companies with multiple locations and branches. Companies like this find that it’s difficult to manage print across such a broad space – even ensuring that all branches are using the same business cards can be a challenge. Web-to-Print steps in and streamlines the print ordering process, making everything more organized, easier to track, and easier to manage. Here are just seven of the many reasons your company should consider a web-to-print solution. #1: Brand Consistency All your company’s branded materials are […]

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