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Promotional Products – Breaking Branding Boundaries

By , August 26, 2020 | Marketing, Products & Services

Why promotional products? As businesses open back up, promotions and marketing will start to build again. Old and new companies will be looking for ways to stand out of the crowd. Promotional products can do wonders for your advertising campaign. What’s more, they will undoubtedly increase brand awareness, as well as your sales rates.

Every business owner wants to promote their business, products, or services. And that’s why every company spends a lot of its hard-earned cash on advertising and marketing. That is why the promotional product industry has continuously grown. With new devices, platforms, and an ever-evolving environment, the value of promotions will only increase. However, people seem to fail to notice one crucial thing. It’s not all about the value of your promotion. It’s also about psychology and creativity.

Maybe it’s time for you to look into something different? Something good, but old. Cost-effective, but incredibly efficient. Yes, it’s time to start looking into promotional products as a way for reaching more potential customers.

When it comes to promotional products, everything is simple and straightforward. These marketing tactics have been around ever since humans started selling products and services. No, for sure ancient Romans didn’t print t-shirts with the name of their fruit stands, but they did have people try their best fruit for free, and if they disliked it, they didn’t have to buy it. Of course, promotional products have changed significantly since then, but, they are still here, and that should tell you something.

The fact that the promotional products industry has been around for centuries, and that it is worth over $20 billion today, shows that it is definitely worthwhile.

Customers Keep Promotional Products

If they keep the product for longer, that means that you will keep receiving impressions for quite a while. What’s more, you will not only gain impressions from the recipient but also from anyone else who gets a chance to see that person using the product.

Customers are more than willing to switch to a different brand if that means that they’ll get a free gift. So, if you were thinking of using such an incentive in your marketing campaign, go for it. The “free gift with purchase” can be any promotional product.

So what is the best combination for achieving great results? Well, you ought to make sure the product is useful to the person you’re giving it to. Moreover, the product in question should relate to your brand. Otherwise, people won’t be able to connect the product to your brand in the future.

5 Reasons Why Promotional Products Work

1. Significantly Increased Brand Recognition

Brand recognition means that customers can identify what your company is offering in an instant. Just the sight of your logo should be enough for them to remember what you do and what you’re offering. Everybody recognizes Apple’s logo or KFC’s, and that’s because these brands focused on building brand recognition.

Those promotional items you give to your customers will help them remember your business in the long run and recognize what you’re doing. In our opinion, this is reason enough to give away promotional merchandise.

If you choose the right product, it will stay with them. It will be in their cars, offices, or homes for a long time. Six out of 10 people who get promo merchandise keep it for two years. It is a constant ad reminding them of your company. And then, when they go shopping or looking for services, they will remember you. And that’s your reward – when they need services or products you provide, thanks to that branded mug, bag, or USB stick you gave them, they will come to you rather than your competition.

2. Effective, Low-Cost Marketing

When it comes to small businesses, spending money on a huge advertising campaign that would overflow all sorts of media can only be a dream. However, these businesses don’t need such a campaign to achieve their goals. A low-cost promotional products campaign can help a startup stand on its feet for the first time.

Promotional products are the most cost-effective, highest impact advertising medium around. In fact, 85% of consumers remember the advertiser that gave them a promo product!

How? Well, you see, most promotional merchandise manufacturers have very low mass production costs. That means that the more you order, the less you pay. And still, these cheap products will have an immense impact on the recipients.

3. Cheap Everyday Exposure

When a company advertises its products and services on social media, TV, or billboards, that ad is in front of your eyes for mere seconds. On the other hand, useful promotional gifts are with you most of the time. Right in your eye-line.

If you make trendy promotional t-shirts, your customers will wear that gift for years, walking around with your brand name for everyone to see. If you give them promotional mugs, they will sip from them every day. If you give them a USB stick that’s a key chain, they will put their keys on it, and remember your brand every time they use their keys or the USB stick.

4. Customer Loyalty

The goal of every business is to build a loyal customer base. You need people who will not only remember and recognize your brand, but who will also go to you for all their needs that are related to your field of business.

Building a good base of loyal customers is what every marketing specialist is spending the most of his time doing. And, as every marketer knows, promotional products will give them that quickly.

But, before you go off giving pens and fans, bear in mind that people tend to be loyal to brands from which they receive high-quality branded promotional merchandise. When you give a premium quality item to a first-time customer, they will remember you as a high-quality business.

5. Better Than A Business Card

Plain and simple – your business card is a way for you to introduce yourself and your company to your potential consumers. Promotional products do the same thing, just with much better results.

When you’re giving away products that are related to your business, you’re helping people get to know you and what you do.

These items should always have your business’ information on them – the logo, a slogan, and images. These don’t have to be given only at assemblies or during events. They can be a part of your campaign on social media, whether you use hashtags for Instagram, or make Facebook giveaways.

Still Not Convinced About Promotional Products?

Ok, stop for a moment and think about the big brands. About companies that are at the top of their game. Yes, they have enormous marketing budgets, and they are all over socials, TV, billboards, and papers. But, when things get rough, they too turn towards promotional products. When their sales are down, or when they’re launching a new product, you will see that they add in one key ingredient that helps their bottom line immensely – promotional merchandise.

Coca-Cola is doing it – when a new taste comes out, they are giving away free drinks. When they want to boost sales, they make product giveaways with promotional bags, printed pens, or cookie boxes. You get the gist.

When BMW wanted to increase brand awareness, they didn’t only focus on their target groups; they gave branded headrest covers, fans, t-shirts, promotional key rings, even cakes to anyone who stopped by their Dealer Drive Experience.

Promotional merchandise is cheap and direct. It is straight to the point, and it provides fast results with effects that last. That isn’t just an impression we have. It’s what research has shown – promotional products work!

Visit our new site at to explore the vast array of products we have available. Big or small, your business can benefit from promotional products. Let us know how we can help promote your company today.

Written by:
Gareth Parkin
“Why Promotional Products Work?”

Edited by:
Heather Fesmire
Digital Marketing Coordinator
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