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For Brand Strategist Erica Ligenza, Everything’s Coming Up Roses

By , November 8, 2016

Name: Erica Ligenza
Occupation: Blogger & Brand Strategist
Company: Coming Up Roses

When it comes to branding, Wharton graduate Erica Ligenza knows her stuff. Even before she graduated from business school, her life-and-style blog Coming Up Roses was already taking off, making her a powerful online influencer.

Today, she combines her blogging and social media prowess with her marketing degree to create highly effective influencer marketing strategies for a wide variety of businesses. We caught up with Erica to discuss her branding services, her social media presence, and a few of the lessons she’s learned over the years.

LAUREN: What is something about branding that most people don’t realize?

ERICA: It is so much more than your logo, your graphics design and the visual [components]. One of the biggest misperceptions is that people think they are good to go [once they have those items]. Most people don’t really think about the psychology that goes behind branding.

L: In what capacity have blogging and social media served you as a promotional tool for your services?

E: It’s total validation that I know what I’m doing. I have grown from zero to 30,000 followers on social media alone, and I’m a walking case study for what I do. When it comes to creating influencer marketing strategies for people [I’m effective because] I can build a campaign from a marketing side, but I’m also an influencer. I understand the needs of both sides, so I’m uniquely suited to serve in both capacities.

L: Of the services you offer, which have you found to be the most popular and why?

E: I essentially work as a one-woman brand strategy agency, creating brand books and specific strategy documents for clients’ needs at a more cost-effective price than larger agencies with more overhead. For bloggers who want help, [they] usually end up [choosing] a strategy session. Business owners usually choose a mentorship. I do 8-week mentorships and 16-week mentorships.

L: What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

E: Stop freaking out about all of the stuff that doesn’t matter in life! I was so stressed out about my GPA and, “What do people think about me?” I wish I had just focused on what I wanted to do and not cared about what other people thought. If I had ignored all the naysaying in my own head, I may have gotten further faster.

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