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Philadelphia Artist Jordan Spector Captures Emotional Moments in Sports

By , January 11, 2017

Name: Jordan Spector
Occupation: Sports Artist
Company: Spector Art

Jordan Spector has always possessed a love for both athletics and art. When his football career ended due to an injury, he focused on channeling his love of the sport into his artwork. He’s become a well-known artist who is recognized both locally and nationally.

He is known for realism and attention to detail, but his passion for sports is what makes his work stand out. His images capture all of the emotion and nostalgia that is experienced by athletes and sports fans alike.

LAUREN: Has being self-taught impacted your success as an artist?

JORDAN: I think being self-taught has had a big impact on the direction I went with my artwork. I was more open to doing my own thing and experimenting with different outlets. I also think being self-taught gives you a sense of independence. It gives me more confidence as an artist to know that I can always improve on my own.

L: You experienced an injury that changed your career path. What did you learn from this setback?

J: The biggest thing I learned was to stay true to myself and to never waste my talents. [This lesson] became a big thing for me when I realized how impactful my art can be. It was amazing to realize that people would pay for something that I love to do.

L: Of all your paintings, which has garnered the most attention?

J: Definitely the one I did of former Eagles player, Brian Dawkins. I think it got some attention because of how popular he is. I did it just out of [the] pure passion of watching him when he played. I played football myself in college, and he was a big inspiration to me. I do a lot of football portraits, because I played the sport and I love it so much. I like to pick poses and expressions that are very emotional, intense, or dramatic.

L: In your opinion, what was the greatest sports moment of all time?

J: I don’t want to say the Eagles again, but I guess when the Eagles made the championship back in the early 2000’s that was pretty huge. I’m a big Eagles fan. That was definitely a big moment.

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