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Packaging for Products – A Valuable Multi-Faceted Marketing Tool

By , August 20, 2020

The Perfect Package

Why is packaging valuable right now? Consumers are stuck at home itching to experience the world (while staying safe) and this means more packages. Businesses have shifted gears to adapt to the changing marketing climate. Packaging has become a key player in product branding and the way it is set-up is just as important. Every step in the process of building boxes influences how a consumer views a business.

First impressions are influential. Packaging is often a consumer’s first introduction to the product. It communicates many things, from what the product can do for customers to company values. The product’s exterior shell can go a long way in securing a good first impression and lasting brand loyalty. Some would argue that packaging is as important as the product itself. It’s a crucial marketing and communication tool for businesses.

Packaging Brainstorm

Time to break out those thinking caps! The first step in any project is to brainstorm. Decide what elements fit the company branding. Here are some questions to get the ideas rolling:

  • Should it be a kit, subscription, or product box?
  • How do you want it ti look and feel?
  • What is the product or content inside?
  • Will the size of the package fit the product or content?
  • Can the material withstand the specific weight of the product or contents?
  • Is it being mailed out?
  • Will it be full-color on one or two sides?
  • Is there any special printing instructions?

After the brainstorm process, it is time to design.

Templates for Packaging

Our Resource Library provides templates for various boxes and packaging, but many projects require custom templates (cardboard cutouts and more). Template creation is not too hard, but is important to understand the proper way to set-up artwork.  Have no fear, Conlin’s Print is here to help if design is not a strong suit.

Setting up documents for the print is pretty simple. There are a few important factors that go into creating a good print-ready file – margins, bleeds, image resolution, and “packaging” files.

When working with templates, make sure the design is placed correctly. There should be no design overlap or cut-off. Graphics should be high quality and placed where aesthetically pleasing and right-side-up. Fill the design within the bleeds and margins. Don’t forget the flaps! Those can be fun to hide hidden messages.

If the package is being mailed, follow these USPS Package Prep Tips.

That’s it! The file is ready. “Package” all the elements of the design to make it easier for print production and send it off.

The Production Process

It is now in the hands of print production. The printers take the files provided and make sure the size, design, and specifications line up. They set it up for the large format machines – create cut layers, color accuracy, etc.  This is why proper file preparation and planning helps with production. Proper file set-up equals a seamless job. The project is sent off to print, cut, and then is finished with scoring and/or folding.

Final Steps

Gather the contents of the box or kit. Utilize Conlin’s Print for welcome cards, promotional products, custom belly bands (secure items in style), exterior labels, company branded print materials, mail fulfillment, and more. The possibilities for contents are limitless.

Remember we are always here to help. Email us at to start your project today.

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Written By:
Heather Fesmire
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Conlin’s Print

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