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True Food Kitchen is Cooking Up Something Healthy & Delicious

By , June 18, 2019

Name: Joel Stark
Occupation: General Manager
Company: True Food Kitchen

The mission is simple: True Food Kitchen prepares food that makes you feel better, not worse, and offers a menu that celebrates the season’s most delicious and nutritious ingredients.

The award-winning restaurant brand opened its doors in King of Prussia in July 2017 and is quickly becoming a national phenomenon, with a home base in Arizona and 28 locations located across 12 states.

LAUREN: Tell me about the menu that True Food Kitchen offers.

JOEL: True Food Kitchen’s flavor-forward menu rotates seasonally to allow guests to experience the season’s most delicious and nutrient-dense produce at the peak of its freshness and flavor. The menu features a variety of handcrafted cocktails and freshly pressed natural beverages, as well as signature dishes like the Ancient Grains Bowl, Grass-fed Steak Tacos and Inside Out Quinoa Burger. True Food Kitchen is dedicated to accommodating the food preferences and restrictions of its guests; many of the brand’s delicious dishes are appropriate for a vegan, vegetarian and/or gluten-friendly lifestyle.

L: Which aspect of True Food’s concept has most contributed to its success?

J: The integrity of its ingredients. We pride ourselves on emphasizing wholesome, simple ingredients with thoughtful preparations to highlight the natural health benefits and flavors of each ingredient. We prepare our food in the dining room, so there’s a real transparency in our food to let the ingredients that we use shine.

L: How has this restaurant concept been received by the local community?

J: It’s been received very well. We have a lot of first-time guests that come and try us, and they turn into repeat guests. Our diverse menu has been a big [part of that]. People come in expecting us to be an all-vegetarian or all-vegan restaurant, and once they discover that we have something on our menu for everyone, they come back.

We find that every second time guest typically has someone new with them. They like the openness of the area, they like the quality of the food. They like the fact that a vegan, a vegetarian, a gluten-free, and someone who loves to eat meat can all sit together and enjoy a meal.

L: For a new visitor to your restaurant, which menu item(s) are an absolute must-try?

J: Oh – all of them! But I would start with our Charred Cauliflower. That’s our cauliflower tossed with harissa tahini, pistachios, medjool date, mint, and dill. It’s one of our most popular starters.

One of our staff favorites that we sell the most of is our Ancient Grain. That’s the three ancient grains – farro, quinoa, and brown rice – served with miso-glazed sweet potatos, mushrooms, onions, peas, and topped with some of our cilantro pumpkin seed pesto, avocado, and hemp seeds. We can add on any protein the guest prefers, like tofu, shrimp, chicken, grass-fed steak or salmon.

L: What is your personal favorite menu item?

J: The Ancient Grains Bowl! I eat that a number of times every week - typically with grass-fed steak and chicken to make it even better.

L: This restaurant plays host to unique local events. Tell me about a few of your most popular event concepts.

J: On Saturday morning a couple of times a month we do some local business activities. We partner with Stillpoint Yoga and we host yoga here – we’ve had up to 35 people doing yoga in the restaurant.

One of my favorites is Bar at the Barre, [where] they actually use the bar top as the barre. They do a barre workout while having a mimosa! We also have our succulent night, Crossfit, and we do a couple of other fun activities like that.

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